Mold Processing Work Cell

Project Profile

Our customer came to us with a problem. They needed to add structural and process improvements into an existing work cell with a number of components that need to be worked around and integrated with the structural improvements. Our solution was a perfect example of uniting R-V’s engineering ability with a piece of existing machinery to create a more efficient product for a metals manufacturing client.

Design and Engineering

R-V integrated a Mold Flailer, used to clean the inside of a cylindrical cast iron mold, into an existing melting bay pit area. Included in this design was a structural work platform to support the flailer and attachments for different size molds. In addition, the existing crane in the area was redesigned and replaced to handle the additional weight of the cast iron molds.

Integration of a New Design With Existing Facility Equipment

Engineering Process

We created the designs for this project and we were there at the end to provide installation supervision. Our project scope for this project:

  • Write a functional description of the entire flailing process
  • Develop install specifications for all of the equipment
  • Complete startup and debugging of all equipment
  • Convert all SolidWorks drawings to AutoCAD for storage
Complete Install Supervision

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