Process Line Replacement

Case Study: Processing Facility Expansion

food processing facility

As a custom fabrication company we are experienced in large and small projects with unique specifications. In this case, R-V Industries was awarded the design and fabrication responsibilities for a multi-million dollar bean processing facility. This gave us the opportunity to showcase our skill with a range of materials and products while maintaining our commitment to safety and quality.

The food production plant handles all bean processing for a major restaurant chain. At this plant, we supplied process tanks, belt conveyors, structural support systems, cookers, and chillers under the control of an industry standard HMI-driven Allen Bradley control system.

Equipment Supplied

Process Tanks

Manufacturing process tanks requires a clean production facility. Our stainless and alloy only facility addition, built in 2009, helps protect our customer’s equipment from cross contamination. Learn more about our measures to avoid contamination here.

The tanks come in a variety of sizes, with agitation and mixing components to facilitate the customer’s process.

Belt Conveyors

For this application, our belt conveyor system was designed to carry bags of product, loaded onto the conveyor system to be carried through the drying tunnel after the cooking and chilling processes.

Conveyors can be customized for any application, with a variety of dimensions and weight load options.

Structural Support Systems

Careful attention to detail is a vital component of building a structural equipment to support accessibility of the process line. Platforms and step systems were designed and manufactured at our facility to provide access to components of the chilling system, drying tunnel, and process tanks.


This unique cooking system features a multi-lane cooking system for production efficiency. The cooking line measured 6′ wide and over 60′ in length, using over 16,000 gallons of water to facilitate the cooking process.


From the multi-lane cooking system, a hoist and trolley system protects the process operator from the hot product carriers through the cooking and chilling sections.

Using a multi-lane chilling system to match the cooking arrangement, the chilling lanes bring the product to a temperature that is safe for operator contact upon process completion.

HMI Controls and Process Automation

The entire system is controlled using an internally developed control system that keeps safety and quality at the forefront of production. Safey of the operators is protected by process shutdowns if mechanical safeguards are not in place. To protect quality, intervals of time sequences are used to ensure the product is cooked thoroughly.

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