Chemical Industry

R-V Industries has accumulated a long successful history of serving the Chemical, Petrochemical, and Fine Chemical Industries, acting as a trusted vessel manufacturer delivering the highest-quality results available. We are capable of producing the complete range of ASME jacketed vessels, unpressurized vessels, columns, spool pieces, structural systems, and custom equipment. With the personalized customer service of a smaller company and the comprehensive capabilities and technology of a large company, R-V is uniquely balanced to meet the needs of the chemical industry while delivering unrivaled customer satisfaction.

Certified in over 450 weld procedures, our highly skilled fabricators are prepared for any complex Pressure Vessel configuration.
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Leading the way in safety and quality in chemical, petrochemical, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical industries reactor fabrication.
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Strengthened by over 270 employees who are dedicated to their craft, and instilled with a commitment to excellence, our team is prepared for your column/tower project.
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Enjoy an aerial view of the R-V campus in Honey Brook, PA, including a look at our shop floor and separate stainless and alloy-only facility.
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