Selecting the Best Vessel Jacket
Jacketing provides the optimum method of heating and cooling process vessels in terms of control, efficiency, and product quality.
Using a jacket as a means of heat transfer offers many advantages.

• All liquids can be used, as well as steam and other high-temperature vapors.
• Circulation, temperature, and velocity of heat-transfer media can be accurately controlled.
• Jackets may often be fabricated from a less expensive metal than the vessel itself.
• Contamination, cleaning, and maintenance problems are virtually eliminated.
• Maximum efficiency, economy, and flexibility are achieved.

Types of Jackets: Jacketing of process vessels is usually accomplished by using one of the three main available types.

  1. Conventional or Open Jackets
  2. Dimple Jackets
  3. Half Pipe Coil Jackets

In designing reactors for specific processes, this variety of jacket types provides the engineer with a great deal of flexibility in the choice of heat-transfer medium

Conventional Jacket
Half Pipe Jacket
Dimple Jacket
Jacket Selection Guidebook

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