Process Skids

Design and Fabrication

At our core, R-V Industries is an industrial processing equipment designer and manufacturer. With over 160,000 square feet of fabrication and warehouse space spread across three facilities, all R-V equipment is proudly made right here in the US. That expertise extends to process skid assemblies features ASME vessels, piping, and custom HMI control systems.

Over our 40 year history we have gained experience customizing designs and optimizing project quality with unique manufacturing ability. Our full scale service combined with our specialty fabrication capabilities makes us a trusted partner in industrial manufacturing.

Fabrication Benefits

  • ASME certified code welding
  • Over 400 certified weld procedures
  • Alloy-only fabrication bay
  • Separated blast and coating booth
  • NDE services (VT/LPT/MPT/RT/UT) performed on-site

In House Assembly and Testing

  • Hydro testing
  • Mechanical assembly
  • Electrical Assembly
  • Factory Acceptance Testing
vessel and skid manufacturing

ASME Vessels

ASME Vessels

Designing and manufacturing ASME pressure vessels has become one of our core services. We excel at vessel production because our cross-trained engineering team uses the latest technology to design products and our versatile manufacturing team is certified in 400 weld procedures facilitating fabrication on specialty alloys. We work in a range of industries and offer:

  • World class manufacturing capabilities
  • Custom design and fabrication services
  • U, S, ASME certification
  • National Board R stamp for repairs


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