Coronavirus (COVID-19)

R-V Industries’ COVID-19 Action Plan (download in PDF)

Update History

Overtime Update

In February I requested broader overtime participation to help us increase output/sales which would allow us to implement wage increases in April. At the time we were averaging (70) people who worked at least (5) hours of OT per week.

Following my request, you helped us achieve our goal of > (100) people working at least (5) hours of OT per week and as a result we implemented wage increases in April.

We are facing a similar challenge now and need additional hours to meet delivery commitments. If we increase our hours output through the end of November, the additional Sales can help us achieve year-end bonuses.

The request is the same as February, please commit to a minimum of (5) hours of OT per week if it is available in your area now through November. We only had (58) people at that level last week and this will need to increase to > (100) during this timeframe to achieve our requirements.

These extra hours need to be done in a safe and efficient manner. Extra hours provide limited value if they are spent performing rework or exceed hours estimates.

All of us in support functions also need to ensure we are doing everything we can to avoid being the basis for manufacturing delays caused by late material, drawings, or quality/planning support.

Thank you for your support. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

– Kirk

Company Update – Illness Guidelines: September 22nd

Due to increased illness in our area (allergies, cold, flu, COVID) we want to clarify our expectations to help avoid any widespread outbreaks throughout the company.

Allergy/Cold Symptoms

If you develop any basic respiratory issues (congestion, sneezing) we request you call SwiftMD (our telemedicine provider) or see your doctor before coming to work. If they determine this is allergy-related or common cold, we ask you to wear a mask to avoid infecting others when reporting to work until those symptoms subside. If the doctor recommends a COVID test, please follow the steps below.

Flu/COVID Symptoms

If you are experiencing flu/COVID symptoms (fever, coughing, fatigue, loss of taste/smell) do not come to work. You should email or call the call-off number, state you have COVID/flu symptoms, then schedule to get a COVID test. Follow-up with HR to update them on your testing status.

Positive COVID Test

  • If you test positive for COVID, you must quarantine for 10-days from the onset of symptoms.  You must be significantly improved and fever-free for 24 hours (without the use of medicine) prior to returning.

Negative COVID Test

  • If you test negative for COVID, you can return to work with presentation of the negative test result and fever-free for 24 hours but should still wear a mask until your symptoms are gone.

Anyone exposed to an individual diagnosed with COVID (close contact over 15 minutes) but is without symptoms, should wear a mask for (14) days and avoid close contact with others.

COVID testing is available at most local pharmacies. Rapid testing is also available at the 15-to-know site outside the Exton mall They charge $49 but this expense is eligible for reimbursement through your medical insurance.

The Federal subsidies for paid time off for COVID have expired; however, if you are unvaccinated, we continue to offer a paid day off, if necessary, to get a COVID vaccine or to recover from any side effects. Attendance points will be waived for absences related to COVID testing or required isolation.

Thanks for your efforts to keep everyone healthy and available to fulfill our customer commitments.    

– Kirk

Company Update – September 10th

President Biden Vaccine Requirement

President Biden announced yesterday that he has ordered the Department of Labor, and more specifically the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), to develop a rule that will require employers with 100 or more employees to require COVID vaccinations or weekly testing for unvaccinated individuals.

No timing or implementation details have been provided at this point; however, while we encourage vaccination, we do not intend to mandate it. 

I will provide an update once final details become available. Let me know if you have questions.

Thank you,


Company Update – September 2nd

Quality Role Changes / Clarifications

On Monday, August 23rd, Ed Brooks resigned his position as the R-V Quality Manager to pursue a new opportunity.

Effective Today September 2, 2021, Eric Gift will be serving as our interim Quality Assurance Manager for the purpose of NQA-1 and ASME Code Quality Program compliance until a permanent candidate is named. Eric will have the signature authority for the Quality Assurance Programs as outlined in our manuals. Eric will directly report to me for any programmatic issues and will receive direction from Ken Brownlow for operational priorities.

Ken will be serving as the day-to-day interim manager of quality personnel to support all non-program related activities. This includes organization, work prioritization, resource support, training support, process improvement, and personal/professional growth of the quality team.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions, concerns, or clarifications.


Kirk A. Putt
President & CEO

Company Update – September 1st

Clock out/in requirements when going off-site

I want to reinforce a requirement for all hourly manufacturing employees. Anyone leaving the property during your workday must clock out, and back in if you are returning. This includes going off-site for lunch or other personal requirements.

This is necessary to ensure we have everyone accounted for in the case of emergency and to eliminate liability for issues that may occur while you are offsite.

Thanks, Kirk 

Company Update – August 2nd

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s):

June Bookings:                                 $3.7 mm (target $4.0-4.5 mm per month)
July Bookings:                                   $4.3 mm (target $4.0-4.5 mm per month)
Backlog:                                            $19.0 mm (target > $20mm)

While the uncertainty of COVID is not behind us, there have been significant demand spikes across many sectors (food, fuel, housing) of the economy causing price inflation and labor shortages. Despite these challenges, thanks to your efforts, we successfully finished the first half ahead of our year-to-date 2021 sales and profit projections.

Successfully completing some of the challenging projects in process and continuing to improve performance on product lines will be essential to finishing the year strong and putting us in position to pay year-end bonuses.

Compensation and Benefits

We are focused on balancing the competitive market of today with growth and stability for the future. To succeed we need to attract and retain the top talent while continuing to offer the highest quality and competitive pricing to our clients.

Although much of the company has received wage increases this year, we continuously monitor our compensation structure to ensure we are providing the most attractive overall package to hire and retain the best in the industry. This includes wages, flexible work schedules, overtime, field rates, vacation, bonuses, Aetna medical, Fidelity HSA & 401k, college tuition debt consolidation and tuition reimbursement, facility/equipment investments, and employee development and growth opportunities.

As part of our mission, we strive to improve the quality of life for everyone we employ. We have determined our current vacation policy is not aligned with that goal. Our policy will be changed to increase all employees to an 80-hour annual accrual rate on August 2nd for those who are currently below that level. A member of our HR or Executive team will meet with everyone who this will affect to outline your specific changes.

Since the vacation adjustment mainly benefits newer employees, we also want to recognize our long-time employees by exempting everyone with tenure over 10 years from our attendance points system effective today. Those who reach their 10-year anniversary during this year would be exempt starting next year.

Upcoming Wellness Activities

Physical and financial wellness are both critical to helping both you and the company achieve success.

  • Biometric Screening. We will once again be providing biometric screening through Cardio Kinetics at no charge during the month of August. I encourage everyone to participate to proactively take steps to minimize any serious illness that could impact you and your family. All who participate will receive discounted rates on your 2022 R-V health premiums and entered in a raffle to win prizes such as an Apple Watch or Fitbit fitness tracker.
  • We will also be offering personal finance training sessions targeted to our younger employees but available to anyone interested. This will be in addition to the Medicare/Social Security training we have provided to our employees aged 50 and above.

Recruiting, Retention, and Structure

To support our retention and development efforts we have made two recent hires. Maureen McHugh joined us two weeks ago with a focus on hiring and retention. She has been spending time getting to know our team and the details of what each of you do and what makes an individual succeed here. Please email Maureen at or call extension 131 to share suggestions to make the employee experience at R-V more attractive. As a reminder, you can earn referral bonuses between $500-$1,000 for new hires depending on the position.

Doug Thompson will be joining us on August 2nd in the role of Manufacturing Manager. Doug will focus on developing and empowering our shop leadership team to address areas for improvement such as schedule performance, rework, and first-pass quality.

Later this year we will also be combining our project management, cost estimating, and processing teams to reduce redundant efforts and improve what gets provided to manufacturing. This will also free more time for our outside sales team to develop new business and focus on securing large projects.

Company Picnic

We are planning an on-site company barbecue in Honey Brook for all locations on September 23rd from 2-4 p.m. that will include recognition for our employees who retired during the pandemic. MaryJane Brown will be coordinating the event for us. Please contact her at or extension 193 if you have any suggestions. We will be gifting company clothing items to everyone who attends.

Thanks for your efforts to deal with some recent challenges including high output requirements in Morgantown, a couple of projects in Honey Brook that have not gone as planned, additional travel for on-site Genesis/Beta Star customer support, along with our standard business. We appreciate you.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. We will continue to monitor the federal and state guidelines and adjust as necessary to keep everyone healthy and minimize any COVID-related illness.


Update: Mask-Free Monday – June 25th

I am pleased to announce in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Secretary of Health’s revised orders we will be removing our mask mandate for all employees and visitors effective Monday (6/28).

You are welcome to continue wearing a mask if you choose to do so and we ask that everyone continue efforts to minimize spread of all viruses, including calling HR prior to coming on site if you have a fever or COVID symptoms, maintaining spacing while indoors, hand washing, etc.

Thanks for your efforts over the past 15 months to keep everyone safe and in compliance with Pennsylvania and Federal mandates.

We will schedule a company lunch soon to celebrate this step closer to normalcy.


COVID-19 Policy Modifications – May 27th

Following some of the recent CDC guidance, we are making the following changes effective June 1, 2021:

  • Issue a revised Visitor Form dated 6-1-21 (download here).
  • Discontinue the COVID-19 Employee Return Form requirement for employees out of the office for > 1 day.
  • Discontinue SAL-006 COVID-19 Service & Installation Protocol. Employees should follow client and CDC guidelines when traveling/visiting customer sites.
  • Discontinue SAL-007 COVID-19 Sales Travel Protocol. Employees should follow client and CDC guidelines when traveling on company business.
  • Remove our lunch room restrictions for Fully-Vaccinated employees.
  • Remove our conference room capacity limits but still require 6’ separation when unvaccinated employees are participating.

Please continue to proactively communicate with your manager or HR if:

  • Someone in your household is diagnosed with COVID-19 (whether or not you are vaccinated).
  • If you have potential symptoms of COVID-19 such as fever, loss of taste or smell.

Please let your manager know if you have any questions.


Company Update – May 14th

New CDC Mask Guidance for Fully-Vaccinated People

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) issued new guidance today for fully vaccinated people. The Pennsylvania Secretary of Health also confirmed PA will follow this guidance.

New CDC Guidance issued 5/13/21

Fully vaccinated people can:

Resume activities without wearing masks or physically distancing, except where required by federal, state, local, tribal, or territorial laws, rules and regulations, including local business and workplace guidance

Effective Monday 5/24, R-V will remove the mask requirement for fully vaccinated employees (defined as two-weeks following the J&J one-shot vaccine or two-weeks following the 2nd of the two-shot Pfizer or Moderna vaccines).  

The CDC guidance above is only for fully vaccinated people. Unvaccinated employees, visitors (whether vaccinated or not) and those hosting visitors will need to continue wearing masks outside of your workspace and when interacting with other people until the PA requirement is changed.

My goal remains to remove the mask requirement for everyone if we attain the COVID vaccine target of >70%. Unfortunately, we still need (8) more individuals to get vaccinated (out of 80 who are not). As an additional incentive (beyond a paid day off following your vaccination), if we get (8) more vaccine volunteers we will have a company picnic to celebrate over the Summer and will also enter all vaccinated individuals for a chance to win one of the following prizes:

  • (2) weeks paid time off in 2021
  • $5,000 bonus

Thank you to everyone who completed your on-site Moderna vaccinations this week. If you received your vaccine off-site, please remember to call or email Patti (610-273-2457 x123 or with the details of your vaccination so we can continue to monitor our progress toward 70%. 

I appreciate everyone’s support as we try our best to continue navigating the COVID challenges.


Company Update – May 4th

We remain short of our COVID vaccine target of >70% that would allow us to relax our mask requirements.

If everyone proceeds with their vaccines as reported, we will be at 67% of our employees. We need (8) more individuals to get vaccinated (out of 80 who are not vaccinated) to relax our mask requirements. I ask everyone to consider this and advise Patti or me if you are willing to get vaccinated.

Given the CDC criteria to be considered fully vaccinated (two-weeks following a one-shot vaccine or two-weeks following the 2nd of a two-shot vaccine), the Johnson & Johnson single shot vaccine would be the only option for the necessary (8) more individuals to allow us to reduce mask requirements by my target of June 1st. The J&J vaccine is available locally at various locations, including Wal-Mart in Morgantown and the Chester County clinic at the Exton Mall. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are readily available now as well if you prefer one of those.

The second round of on-site Moderna shots will be administered next Monday (May 10) for those who received the first one here last month. For those of you who were vaccinated outside of R-V, please remember to call, or email Patti (610-273-2457 x123 or with the details of your vaccination, including vaccine manufacturer and date(s) of administration. 

Until advised otherwise, please abide by the mask and distancing guidelines in place. You need to be wearing a mask whenever you are outside of your individual workspace or anytime you are within 6’ of others. Our compliance has been poor recently. Acknowledging our core value of integrity, please ensure you are meeting expectations without requiring us to enforce them.

Thank you for your support. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.


Company Update – April 29th

Please review the following Company Policy Updates:

COVID-19 Vaccine: Paid Time Off

  • The Federal government initiated an option for companies to apply covid-sick pay for anyone who misses work due to side effects of the covid-19 vaccine.
  • Retroactive to April 1, 2021 through September 30, R-V will offer one (1) paid covid-sick day, if necessary, for any employee who receives the vaccine and has missed or will miss the following day to recover from any side effects.
  • It is your responsibility to contact Patti Engle to notify her if the day you missed was due to receiving the vaccine. You will be required to verify your vaccine.  
  • Do not assume we will know to apply this – even if you already left that information in your call-off, you must still notify Patti as soon as possible if you wish to have this pay apply. It is retroactive to April 1, 2021 – if you used a paid sick or vacation day, we would credit that sick or vacation day back to you. If you took an unpaid sick day, we would pay you for that time in your next paycheck.
  • Note:this is not retroactive to any time prior to April 1, 2021. This will only apply to one (1) day, regardless of how many days you miss(ed).

Vaccine Tracking

If you haven’t already done so, be sure to notify Patti Engle with details of your covid-19 vaccine (type of vaccine and date(s) you received the shot). If you verbally committed to getting a Covid-19 vaccine but changed your mind and will not, please advise asap. We need to know either way.

Vaccine Clinics

Following the announcement by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practice (ACIP) to resume the administration of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, Chester County opened two new large vaccine clinic sites that will administer the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. These new sites are:

  • Exton Square Mall: in the former Sears Store. Vaccine Clinic Hours will be Tuesday through Friday from 12PM to 8PM with Saturday and Sunday availability from 9AM to 5PM.
  • Longwood Gardens: a drive-through site at the overflow parking area. Vaccine Clinic Hours will be Tuesday through Friday from 11AM to 7PM with Saturday and Sunday availability from 9AM to 5PM.
  • To schedule an appointment, use the appointment scheduling link here

Bereavement Policy

Based on employee feedback, we have decided to expand our paid Bereavement Leave. These changes will be effective on May 3, 2021:

  • (3) paid days for immediate family (spouse, parents, children, siblings, in-laws).
  • (1) paid day for extended family members (grandparents, aunts, includes, nieces, and nephews).

Company Update – April 15th

I want to recognize a long-time team member who passed away earlier this month. Billy Hatton retired from R-V in 2019 after 40 years with the company. He was one of the core fabricators who helped build the company and our reputation as a world-class fabricator. Billy was one of the most likeable guys you could meet and while he knew how to have a good time, he could always be counted on to perform when our most demanding projects required extra effort. Billy left many friends and impacted many lives at R-V. He will be missed.

In my update on April 1st, I outlined a COVID vaccine target of >70% that would allow us to relax some of our mask requirements. Following that update, we were able to secure a company to administer the Moderna vaccine at our office on Monday. A total of (85) employees and (7) family members were vaccinated. The second round of shots will be administered on May 10th for those who received the first one this week. Thanks to Bob Miller, Patti Engle, and Mary Jane Brown for coordinating this effort.

An additional (81) individuals have received or committed to get the vaccine at an outside location. If everyone proceeds as planned, we would be at 66% of our employees. While we are not yet at the required 70%, we can still get there by June if more decide to get vaccinated off-site over the next few weeks.

For those of you who were vaccinated outside of R-V, please remember to call, or email Patti (610-273-2457 x123 or with the details of your vaccination, including vaccine manufacturer and date(s) of administration. 

Thanks to the overtime efforts of our manufacturing team in March, we were able to generate our highest monthly Sales since 2012, enabling us to proceed with wage increases in April. Our focus for this round of wage reviews was on those individuals whose last increase was prior to 7/1/20. All increases were effective 4/12 but will not appear in your payroll until 4/29. Our next company wage review will be in June.

Key Performance Indicators:

March Bookings:                               $4.5 mm (target $4.0-4.5 mm per month)
Backlog:                                               $20.0 mm (target > $20mm)

Thank you for your support. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.


Company Update – April 1st

Who wants to be mask-free at R-V? It is my goal to remove the R-V mask requirement in June. In order to do so safely and in compliance with federal guidance, we need significant COVID vaccine participation (target is > 70%). We are unable to get a provider to administer on-site; however, all of our Pennsylvania employees are eligible as group 1B Essential Workers to register for vaccines on Monday 4/5. Some of you already qualify in group 1A due to health conditions and can register now. Vaccine sites may be found near your home using

Please contact Patti Engle at 610.273.2457 x123 or so we can record the date of your vaccination if you receive the J&J vaccine, or the date of your 1st/2nd vaccinations if you receive the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines.

Achieving 70% is an aggressive goal but you proved a few weeks ago with the overtime achievement that we can exceed average expectations. I know some of you don’t think you need a Covid vaccine, including me; however, I got my first Pfizer vaccine dose this morning because I want R-V to return to the interactive place that makes it special.

Thank you,

Company Update – March 22nd

I am pleased to announce we had 106 people achieve at least 5 hours of overtime last week. Thanks to everyone who helped achieve our goal of 100 people working at least 45 hours. This is an important team achievement. We were only at 59 people participating at this level when we established this goal in January and many doubted our ability to reach it.

This was about much more than hours worked. It reflects what we can achieve when everyone buys into a goal and does what is necessary to achieve it.

As committed, our Executive Management Team will complete a company wage review over the next two weeks. These reviews will consider performance feedback from supervisors, overtime participation, and date of last increase. Increases will be effective on April 12.

If your last increase was prior to 6/30/20, your manager will meet you prior to April 12th to discuss your individual wage and whether you will be receiving an increase. Those who were hired or received increases since 7/1/20 will receive consideration in our June wage reviews.

Thank you for your support. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

484.532.6030 (phone/text) (email)

Company Update – March 18th (George Lang Retirement)

There are special individuals who truly make a difference in people’s lives and companies. One of those people will be retiring from R-V today after being part of the company for 42 of R-V’s 47 years.

George Lang has meant so much in the development of the culture and values of R-V. He has developed the skills of so many people and created processes and solutions to successfully complete some of our most challenging projects. You also will not find someone with more integrity.

When a challenging delivery requirement or technical issue was presented, two things you would never hear from George were “no or we can’t.”

It is rare to find someone so technically competent who also cares so deeply about the people he works with. One of the easiest barometers I had when evaluating whether we should keep someone at R-V was if George did not advocate for them. George finds the good in almost everyone and if I had to pick someone to work for or have my sons work for, it would be George Lang.

On behalf of my family, R-V, and our owners, thank you George for setting the standard for us on how to treat people, how to bring passion to what you do, and how to strive to be the best.


We are planning a retirement lunch outdoors this Summer for George and the others who retired during the pandemic.

Company Update – March 9th

During recent shop meetings I reinforced the need for additional manufacturing hours to help generate the necessary revenue that will allow us to consider wage increases at the end of March. The request was for everyone to work (5) hours of OT per week if available (excluding those 65 and older or those with heath issues or disclosed conflicts). We have seen participation increase from (59) people to (83). The requirement was to reach (100) employees at or above the 45-hour threshold in a week before the end of the March.

I thank those of you who have stepped up and contributed when I asked for it. I committed to doing what is necessary to get the company in a position to consider wage increases at the end of March and we are not getting it done. This company was built on a culture where people rise to meet challenges. There are easy excuses such as COVID absences or people not wanting to work OT but accepting those excuses will not achieve increases for those of you who have not had one in the past 1-2 years.

To be clear, this effort is not only about wage increases. It is about ensuring your future by meeting customer delivery commitments and developing a culture of teamwork, sacrifice, and respect where extra efforts are shared instead of expecting someone else to do it.

Help us achieve our participation requirement of (100) employees by working at least (45) hours this week. Following achievement of that goal we will complete a company-wide wage review by month-end and implement increases in April.

Key Performance Indicators
February Bookings: $4.2mm (target $4.0 – $4.5mm)
Backlog: $20.8mm (target > $20mm)

Congratulations to the Sales team for again exceeding the $4mm bookings monthly target and helping us maintain a healthy backlog.

We continue to pursue vaccines onsite options, but Pennsylvania is struggling with vaccine allocations and distribution. It is our plan to reduce our COVID protocols as soon as possible but not before everyone in the company has access to vaccines. I am hopeful that will be before the end of May. Thank you for your support. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

484.532.6030 (phone/text) (email)

Company Update – February 16th

As we are at the mid-point of the 1st quarter of 2021, there are some steps we need to take to achieve our financial targets and allow us to implement more widespread wage increases.

Despite a very healthy backlog of $20mm entering the year, we did not produce enough manufacturing hours to achieve our target sales of $4mm in January. This was primarily due to absences related to COVID quarantines and snow days where people did not make up lost time. As both factors remain risks to our success, we are asking everyone to do the following:

  • Be diligent about COVID risk, both here and at home, and follow recommended protocols.
  • Make up lost hours if you miss time due to weather issues.
  • Work a minimum of (5) hours of overtime per week (if available).

As a frame of reference, we have (156) manufacturing employees who charge time to contracts. We have averaged (70) people who worked at least (5) OT hours or more for the past four weeks. If we increase that OT participation rate to (100) people every week, it will generate over $1mm per year in additional sales. If we consistently achieve that level over the next six weeks, we will review wages in the end of March, with potential increases effective in April.

Key Performance Indicators

January Bookings: $4.6mm (target $4.0 – 4.5mm per month)
Backlog: $20.7mm (target > $20mm)

I understand many of you are tired of all the uncertainty related to the pandemic, but we have a great opportunity to channel our focus on what we can control here and have a successful year despite those challenges.

To end with some exciting news, as of today, we have no one quarantined/isolated for COVID-19. This is the first time this has been achieved since October. Better weather and vaccines are on the way and so too will be a return to life without masks and normal social activities. Keep positive and stay healthy!  

Thank you for your support. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Thank you,

484.532.6030 (phone/text) (email)

Company Update – January 14th

Our R-V family lost a 32-year member when Sam Deihm passed away on Christmas Eve following a valiant battle with cancer. Sam was a skilled welder and a hard worker who was part of the core group that helped build R-V into what it is today. You can view a tribute video on the following link and make memorial contributions to help Sam’s wife with expenses.

Losses like this should force us all to reevaluate our priorities. Most of the things we allow to cause stress are trivial in comparison. Instead of getting overwhelmed or defeated by these challenges you can better manage stress by making small changes.

Our biggest challenge right now is meeting customer deliveries. While we were blessed to successfully book business in the 2nd half of 2020 and pay year-end bonuses, our output has not kept up due to COVID absences and hours overruns. We can impact this situation but need everyone engaged to do so. We need to control the controllable.

I have had multiple inquiries about the status of wage increases. I am in the process of meeting with everyone in person to discuss the topic in small groups. The short answer is we need to increase our hours output and delivery performance over the next two to three months to implement more widespread increases. Below are some issues that have been presented to me that can be improved to make a difference:

  • Take steps to stay healthy and wear masks
  • Choose to be positive
  • Offer solutions instead of complaints
  • Show up with a purpose to be more productive today than yesterday
  • Set daily goals for what you need to complete
  • Be self-driven to get productive as soon as you arrive
  • Honor start times, break times, and work until the end of your shift
  • Don’t walk around aimlessly without a specific need
  • Work overtime when you are asked
  • Do not wait for someone else to do something or tell you to do it

These things may seem basic or obvious but multiplied across hundreds of people make a dramatic impact.

The Sales team did not achieve their bookings target of $4mm in December but finished with a solid $3.9mm allowing us to enter 2021 with a backlog slightly higher than we started 2020. This is an amazing accomplishment given the impact of the pandemic on our ability to travel.

Key Performance Indicators

  • December Bookings:                      $3.9mm (target $4.0-4.5 mm per month)
  • Backlog:                                            $19.9mm (target > $20mm)

We expect to gain early access to the COVID vaccine for you under our designation as Essential Manufacturing. Chester County is currently administering the vaccines to those designated as group 1A, which are primarily health care workers and first responders. Manufacturing is included with group 1B. While the date to start vaccinating this group has not been posted it will likely be in the next couple of months. R-V will not make this vaccine mandatory but strongly encourage you to do so. We plan to provide some benefits for employees who get the vaccine such as allowing use of the lunchrooms, in person meetings, etc. If a high percentage of you get vaccinated (>90%) we can consider more significant relaxation of COVID protocols such as mask wearing, etc.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Thank you,

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