Environmental Report

At R-V Industries, we believe in taking responsibility for our environmental impact, and are working to reduce the size of our footprint. We hope that our actions will make a difference in our local environment by reducing landfill growth.

We started an initiative to educate the employees of our facilities on proper recyclable items and incorporated single stream recycling in 2016. In the last full year, the program reduced 43% of waste which amounted to 38 tons worth of material. A key effort that was a major factor in the success of the program was making recycling cans readily available and reducing the number of trash cans around the company. For office personnel, every individual trash can was replaced with a recycling can and all non-recyclable trash was placed into one trash can per floor. The theory was derived from Disney’s famous “30 feet trash can rule,” which placed a trash can every 30 feet around the park since Walt Disney famously observed he finished eating a hot dog 30 feet from the vendor location where he bought it.

In addition to waste management, we have taken a more thoughtful approach to how we use materials. Our blasting abrasives were analyzed and adjusted to reduce the amount of sand waste that was becoming top cover in landfills. In one year, the sand waste stream was cut by over 100 tons. Liquids were also used more thoughtfully by installing an oil and water separator which channeled more water into the septic system to decrease the amount of liquid lost in a waste stream. With this initiative, the oil-contaminated water disposal was reduced by 10 tons annually.

In just three years, R-V’s total waste stream has been reduced by 20%. It is important for an industry to be conscious of their environmental impact and R-V aspires to be a part of the leaders in the manufacturing industry. Through our progress, we hope to inspire fellow manufacturers to join us in doing our part to protect the environment.