Fourdrinier Paper Machine: Project Profile

solidworks rendering of a fourdrinier sectionThis fourdrinier paper machine was supplied to a customer in Ohio, installed in their linerboard manufacturing facility. One of the key benefits of the new machine was the telescoping beam design, which replaced the roll-out framing design on the old fourdrinier section. One of the major problems in the service and maintenance of the old machine was significant wire change times. To facilitate efficient wire change out times, the breast roll and forming board were designed to pivot down. As a result, a wire change on the new fourdrinier machine was completed in under 1 hour!

A complete breakdown of the machine specifications and deliverables are listed below:

  • Telescoping Beams
  • Wire Tensioner
  • Powder Coating Finish
  • Stainless Steel Wire Return Rolls
  • U-RV and S-RV Doctors
  • Auto and Hand Guide Assemblies


fourdrinier machine telescoping beam

Fourdrinier Paper Machine: Telescoping Beam Demonstration