High Turndown Coal Nozzle Assemblies for Unsupported Low Load Coal Firing

  1. Renewables and volatile grid demand force coal plants off-line often and/or to cycle at reduced loads for extended periods.
  2. The Goal is not to constantly fire costly startup and/or support fuel.
  3. R-V’s High Turndown (HTD) coal nozzle assemblies provide the ability to fire 100% coal without support fuel at lower loads.

The High Turn Down Coal Nozzle was Developed for Tangentially Fired Boilers

Typical Turndown Results

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Key Design & Operational Factors Influencing Unsupported Coal Flame Stability And Turndown


Unit load

Zonal heat release rates

Excess air

WB air press & distribution

Furnace cleanliness


Burner Design

Flame retention  features

Mixture velocity

A/C ratio

Burners / mills in service



FC/VM ratio

Coal rank / HHV

Moisture content

Sulfur / Iron Oxide

Ash content

Oxygen content

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