Nuclear Industry

R-V Industries is well known throughout our industry as a premier nuclear equipment manufacturer, serving nuclear-industry customers regionally and nationally. Our capabilities in the nuclear sector include the expert engineering and quality manufacturing of equipment and containment vessels in compliance with stringent NQA-1 Quality Assurance Standards. The ability to fabricate all types of equipment to NQA-1 standards makes R-V one of just a handful of private U.S. companies capable of serving the equipment requirements of one of our country’s most highly-regulated industries.

Nuclear Equipment

Nuclear Equipment
Waste containment and structural equipment to NQA-1 quality assurance standards.

At R-V, our teams of engineering and manufacturing specialists stand out for their ability to consult with our customers to determine their exact needs. We are capable of fabricating custom nuclear equipment complying with NQA-1 Quality Assurance, including:

  • Processing Equipment
  • Dry Cask Storage
  • Containment Vessels
  • Cask Transporters
  • Structural Steel
  • Service Platforms
  • Available Materials

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Pete Koegel
(610) 273-2457 Ext. 258

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