Calender Sections

Calender Machine Customization

Our team of engineers and technical sales experts have decades of experience in creating customized solutions for calender sections. We work with our customers to set up 3-dimensional models to ensure the customer and our engineering and design team are on the same page. In the design stage, our equipment and customization options are centered around:

  • Improving sheet finish
  • Improving paper smoothness properties
  • Increasing printability

Calender Machine Flexibility

Customization of the calender machine to meet the needs of the finished product including machine speed, overall dimensions, and roll arrangement are the key to producing calendering equipment that fits our customer’s needs. However, sometimes the needs of a machine may change. This is why equipment adaptability and ease of roll access should be a crucial aspect of the process of analyzing new equipment suppliers before purchasing.

Open-side frame designs are a common solution for paper and boxboard producers. The design type gives increased roll access to operators for improved service and cleaning capabilities. When the flexibility to increase roll count in calendering sections, R-V’s modular designs give producers the ability to add rolls without requiring entirely new calendering sections or significant disassembly. This flexibility gives machine operators all of the tools they need to improve and achieve an optimal surface finish.

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