Horizontal Track Reel

Our reels offer sheet transfer reliability and high-speed winding. Our equipment upgrades will provide you with quality parent rolls and increase your number of output winder sets. We will evaluate your process and recommend equipment rebuilds and enhancements to improve your reeling quality.

Track Reel Case Study

Track Reel Equipment Description

This horizontal track reel was supplied to a creped paper manufacturer in Wiggins, Mississippi. It consists of a 36” diameter reel drum and can wind a 72” diameter parent roll. The end of the rails are equipped with a stop/brake position and this machine was also supplied with a parent roll storage rail assembly.

Equipment Statistics

  • Paper Grade: Creped Paper
  • Face Width: 136″
  • Machine speed: 3,500 FPM
  • Loading capacity: 10 PLI (maximum)
  • Reel drum: 36″ diameter x 136″ face
  • Reel spools: 12.6″ diameter x 136″ face
  • Parent roll: 72″ diameter x 136″ face with 6,200 lbs

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