Press Sections

combi press section
Combi Press Section

As a part of R-V’s industrial custom fabrication, we will work with clients to select a paper mill press section that fits their needs, including spatial restrictions. We can maximize the operating efficiency of a project by designing custom equipment to fit spacial requirements while keeping the project cost-efficient.

Pressing Program

We supply a total pressing program, and offer further customizing opportunities, by blending other components to round out the scope of the project. Some components are:

  • Drives
  • Vacuum systems
  • Roll covers
  • Doctors
  • Showers
Press Sections Product Line

Press Sections Product Line

R-V offers a variety of different types of paper mill press sections

  • Long Nip Press
  • Marking Press
  • Nonwovens Press
  • Size Press
  • Smoothing Press
  • Suction Press
  • Suction Drum Press
  • Yankee Press

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