Paper Machine Finishing Sections

Utilize R-V’s industrial paper machinery expertise to improve your mills production capabilities. As part of our full-scale service, we’ll evaluate your process and offer customized solutions to increase production for your type of product and machine speed.


We have a selection of equipment options to offer clients depending on their paper manufacturing needs. Choose an open-side frame design to increase roll access or a modular design for expansion flexibility. Improve your sheet finish, paper smoothness properties, and printability with our calendering equipment. For the highest quality paper profile, opt for our hot calendering equipment.


Over 40 years of engineering and manufacturing experience give us the knowledge to assess your process and suggest equipment rebuilds and enhancements to improve mill production and material quality.

Our reels offer sheet transfer reliability and high-speed winding. Upgrading your paper mill reels provide you with quality parent rolls and increase your number of output winder sets.

Enhance your paper mill operation with our unwinding equipment with its consistent tension control, side-shifting, and skew features. Further improve your tension control with our variable pressure design.

Calender and Paper Reel Product Options

Calender and Paper Reel Product Options

Calender Sections

  • Multi-Roll Calender
  • Two-Roll Calender
  • Super Calender
  • Open-side Calender
  • Modular Calender
  • Heated Calender Rolls

Reel Sections

  • Horizontal Track Reels
  • Unwind Systems
  • Winder Rebuilds
  • Reel Spool Starters

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