Adjustable Riffle Assembly

Our adjustable riffle assembly design for riffle-type coal distributors sets itself apart through its ease of use and safety. Our design exemplifies R-V’s determination to manufacture quality goods with the expectation of efficiency and long term service. Our manufacturing team can customize the adjustable riffle assembly to fit your riffle-type coal distributor resulting in improved balance and transport velocities between coal pipes.

Importance of Riffles

Maintaining proper coal and air distribution is necessary to preventing transport issues. R-V offers an on-line adjustable riffle design that can quickly and easily be used to adjust coal and primary air distribution without adding system resistance.

Benefits of the Adjustable Riffle

Our riffle design was tested by EPRI on a closed loop flow test to evaluate our adjustable riffle’s ability to control coal and transport air flow under simulated plant conditions. The results showed that the adjustable riffle can redistribute coal flow from an 80% – 20% imbalance to a 50% – 50% balance without increasing pressure loss. Primary air distribution can also be controlled.

Additional benefits of adjustable riffles include:

  • Coal and primary air flow distribution can be adjusted on-line
  • Results can be seen immediately
  • Lower system resistance
  • Ideal complement to real time coal flow measurement systems
  • Eliminate coal layout in horizontal runs
  • Reduce coal line and fuel nozzle fires

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