Chromium Carbide Lined Equipment

On top of offering a wide range of services and skills, R-V provides some of the latest technology and materials to offer the best match for any project. Our integration of chromium carbide weld overlay lined equipment is one example of our cutting edge engineering and manufacturing.

Chromium Carbide Lined Nozzle Solidworks Model

What is Chromium Carbide Lined Equipment

Chromium carbide weld overlay lined equipment is built to stand up to the abrasive atmosphere of extreme coal and air flow. The lining can be adhered to a number of different types of material, including carbon and stainless steel. The hardness varies depending on the thickness of the deposit material but typical hardness ranges from 58-62 HrC.

Usefulness of Chromium Carbide Lined Equipment

Chromium carbide weld overlay lined stationary coal nozzles are an industry breakthrough increasing stationary nozzle longevity and serviceability, especially in regards to hardness. Chromium carbide weld overlay provides long term cost saving benefits compared to cast options, which have no protective barrier and wear out faster. Ceramic lined equipment offers great wear properties but requires time-consuming repairs when damaged, whereas chromium carbide weld overlay can be repaired on-site.

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