Drip Screens and Seal Plates

Quality begets quality, so we make sure our designs and manufacturing produce the highest quality equipment for our customers. R-V offers long-lasting and low-maintenance flexible drip screens and seal plates. The flexibility of our drip screens reduce heat expansion problems, providing them with a longer life than traditional products.

Supplying ease of use to our customers, we can customize these products with different materials and sizes so that each piece of equipment is the perfect fit. For 40 years, our unique design capabilities have optimized processes and reduced maintenance.

Benefits of Drip Screens

R-V’s flexible drip screens reduce maintenance time and last longer than traditional OEM screens.

  • Easy installation: screens ship with attachment bar to easily bolt onto your mounting apparatus
  • Reduced maintenance: flexible design allows screens to be rolled up and secured with S-hooks
  • Improved durability: corrosion and heat resistant screens handle the ash hopper’s difficult conditions that cause other rigid screens to warp
  • Material options: 304 S/S, 316L S/S, 317L S/S, 430 S/S, and various Inconel grades
  • Design feature: dual layer design is supplied with an open bottom
Seal Plates

Seal Plates

R-V offers custom manufactured seal plates to fit original equipment specifications and adapt to any furnace design.

Some of the material options we offer are:

  • 316L S/S
  • Inconel 600
  • Inconel 601
  • Inconel 625
  • AL6XN
  • Carpenter 20

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