Thermal Guard™ Nozzle Tip

R-V continues to advance in our Thermal Guard™ design and manufacturing capabilities so we can offer the best solutions to our clients. When it comes to Thermal Guard™ nozzle tips, we offer two series. Our goal is to reduce thermal distortion.

Main features shared by the series are:

  • Aerodynamic thermal radiation barrier
  • Contoured corners
  • Various options for erosion protection
  • Pivot pin design available for furnace side removal
  • Rigidity assured by a solidly welded inner annulus
  • Shielded corner welds

Series I Nozzle

thermal guard series I
Thermal Guard™ Series I

Thermal Guard™ Series I features a second shroud that forces air across the outer plate, providing a protective air barrier. This design extends the performance life of tangential coal and air nozzle tips by protecting the outer plate from distortion and nozzle pluggage when compared to the OEM design.

Series II Nozzle

thermal guard series II
Thermal Guard™ Series II

Thermal Guard™ Series II features the same second shroud nozzle design as Series I while also incorporating a ported film cooling system at the end of the nozzle tip to further protect the outer plate from thermal distortion. This series was designed for more severe duty applications in upper elevations and hot corners.

Comparison Testing

Comparison Testing

To establish the effectiveness of the Thermal Guard™ Series I and II nozzle tip designs, thermocouples were installed on the inside and outside of the top plate to measure the temperature gradients. In our in-shop testing, our Series II nozzle tip, which combines the second shroud design of Series I with the ported film cooling system of Series II, performed better than the Original Equipment (OEM) design. 

Thermal Guard™ Series I and II repeatedly showed lower temperature gradients across the outer plate, reducing thermal distortion.


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