Windbox Upgrades

R-V Industries is intimately familiar with the windbox design on corner-fired furnaces. We offer several design upgrades, including the tilting mechanism and damper upgrades shown below.

Tilting Mechanism

Tilt Mechanism Modular Kit

R-V’s enhanced tilting mechanism design for tangential furnaces provides smoother operation and reduced maintenance by minimizing binding. To further aid in smooth operation, the design contains self-lubricating graphite bearings in the bearing housing and heavy investment cast bell cranks with stainless steel bushings designed to rotate in the bell crank as well as around the mounting pin.

For customer convenience, R-V can deliver the upgrade as a modular kit. The components are shop assembled to steel plate modules assuring a smooth and accurate field installation. R-V also offers turnkey actuator replacement including engineering, sizing, location, mounting brackets, hardware, and installation supervision. Completion of the upgrade includes new pins, linkage, shafts, and hardware.

windbox damper bearing
Damper Bearing Assembly

Damper Bearing

Optimize boiler efficiency and effective NOx control by upgrading to R-V’s self-aligning graphite damper bearing. The system features a self-aligning, self-lubricating graphite bearing assembly presented in a modular form to provide dependable air regulation. These features require less maintenance and extended damper and bearing longevity.

All of R-V’s damper modules, including the damper bearing modular assembly, are available for all burner widths and compartment heights.

Opposed Damper Blades

Replacing existing parallel operating damper blades with R-V’s opposed blade design improves air flow distribution and control. Using parallel blade windbox dampers are less efficient with air flow distribution and control within each windbox compartment. 

Holding true to our commitment of customer service, R-V offers a complete conversion package to upgrade to an opposed damper blade design. The package includes new blades, stainless steel shafts, linkage, and modular bearing assemblies. Customize your package with the option of new damper frames with shop assembled blades, shafts, and bearings to reduce field installation costs.

The left picture shows the uneven distribution of air from parallel operating damper blades. To the right, you see even distribution of air resulting from R-V’s opposed blade design.

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