R-V Industries Pledges To Help Keep American Jobs

As a proud American manufacturing company, R-V Industries pledges to continue making our products exclusively in the United States, which we have done since our inception in 1974. We believe in supporting our economy and providing our customers with the best services and products custom manufactured at our plants in Pennsylvania. We will continue to compete in the custom manufacturing marketplace by engaging American ingenuity and work ethic, not taking the easy way out by sourcing material from lowest cost countries.

Our larger competitors have begun sourcing both material and component fabrication from China. Several of our clients have unknowingly awarded orders to our competitors without this knowledge. This has resulted in receipt of counterfeit materials, suspect quality, and late deliveries.

Please join us, and other companies such as Ford and Carrier, to help keep American jobs by insisting your products are made here. Ask before you order: Is It Made Here?


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