R-V Utilized Laser Scanning to Rebuild Press Section

Laser Scanning and 3D Modeling Helps Guide Design and Installation

Paper Mill Press Section Rebuild

R-V designed and manufactured section

When R-V acquired LG Industries in 2001, our paper group gained over 50 years of knowledge and experience. That did not, however, stop us from looking for new opportunities. Recently, a customer gave us the opportunity to incorporate lasers into an industrial paper machinery rebuilding project.

For this customer, we engineered and manufactured a new primary press and combi section. These new pieces of equipment were required to fit into the rest of the original paper mill process, including the utilization of the original rolls. For this press section rebuild, R-V collaborated with the customer to provide upgraded equipment with significant production gains and ease of installation and use. In this example, R-V designed the press section to have:

  • Easier roll removal
  • Better access to rolls
  • Convenient installation of the 8,000 lbs drive stand
  • More efficient installation through the use of sole plate templates

The upgrades and the easily accessible high wear parts mean our customer will reduce repair time, preventing the loss of tonnages in production. Instead of using standard designs, we think about what the customer will need and work to provide the highest quality custom solution. Additional benefits come from the actual installation. R-V uses templates to map out installation to the sole plates and predrill. This reduces additional setting of framework and equipment. When working with only thousandths of an inch in tolerance, accuracy is key.

To further increase accuracy and efficiency for this customer, R-V worked with a laser modeling company to make scans of the original equipment and helped create a more accurate 3-D model and measurements.


R-V’s equipment integrated into customer’s mill

To deliver cutting edge manufacturing improvement, R-V partnered with a laser modeling company to replace an existing press section.

This innovative measuring system created a more accurate rebuilding process and increased Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) dependability, providing peace of mind to our customer. Additionally, with a more dependable FAT, this process saved time and money as our team could assess and find solutions to obstacles at our plant as opposed to waiting until the Site Acceptance Testing (SAT).

A shortlist of the benefits of using a laser measurement system includes:

  • Improved FAT dependability
  • Reduced SAT and installation issues
  • Ability to compare current models and new equipment models
  • Optimized efficiency

R-V prides itself on our ability to collaborate with both customers and other companies to create an end result of quality and ease of mind for our customer.

If you have a project you would like to discuss, reach out to us or read about our experience in engineering, manufacturing, and integration.

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