Steam Dryer Project: That’s a Whole Lot of Weld Wire!

R-V Industries recently completed a multi-year, multi-million-dollar manufacturing project to supply multiple steam dryers that will be used at the nearby Peach Bottom Nuclear Power Plant in York County, Pennsylvania. Thanks to a long history of manufacturing excellence and NQA-1 certification with customer-acclaimed nuclear manufacturing experience, R-V was entrusted to build a complex and mission critical steam dryer for the plant.

This project was one of the most complex projects we have ever undertaken, right down to the delivery, which entailed a 7-car police escort and the delicate lifting of power lines and stop lights!. However, the most impressive part of the steam dryer project was the amount of manual welding and inspection that was required. The project required so much welding that we consumed over 2.5 tons of weld wire! But 2.5 tons is difficult to put into the context of everyday life. Take a look at the chart below, and prepare to be amazed (just as we were!).


Actual Reference Comparison
Weight 5,287 pounds 0.3282 pounds per foot* Weighs more than two (2) compact cars
Distance 16,103 feet 5,280 feet per mile About 3.05 miles, roughly the distance of a 5K Color Run

*Based on an average of weld wire requirements and data from