Who is LG Industries: R-V’s History of Paper Machinery

What Was Happening in Paper When LG Industries Was Founded?

In the 1940’s, the use of paper was expanding rapidly. For centuries, it was used as the mainstay of communication. But, the paper industry was about to see growth in a new channel. As WWII consumed the use of metals around the world, an opportunistic group at the Dixie Company was brainstorming. Remembering the history of illness that coincided with WWI, Dixie launched a branding campaign positioning it’s paper cup as a key tool in fighting illness which spread through the close quarters of factories in 1918 and 1919.

At the same time, LG Industries, formerly named Layton-Greenfield Incorporated, was founded as an engineering and manufacturing company supplying equipment to the paper mill industry. Opening it’s doors in 1948, the founders sought to fill the need for industrial paper equipment by developing a company that would provide turnkey services for paper mills. This included design, fabrication, machining, and field erection of paper machinery. LG Industries, bolstered by a patent for a proprietary suction roll design, experienced decades-long growth that saw the employee count grow to 30 with a customer list including nationwide brands Kimberly-Clark and Sonoco Products Co.

An LG Opportunity In Spite of the Temporary Fluctuation of Paper’s Demand

Around the turn of the millennium, the impact of the digital revolution had a significant impact in the worldwide demand for paper. As email reached it’s 30th birthday in 2001, the paper industry was partially through a transition with an uncertain future. Email had taken over as the primary communication tool for nearly every business in the developed world.

Despite that environment, R-V saw an acquisition of LG Industries as an opportunity for growth of it’s own burgeoning Paper Division. In September of 2001 R-V officially acquired LG Industries, bringing the entire company, including employees, equipment, and facility in Wagontown, PA, into the R-V Industries brand. This helped R-V achieve it’s goal of nationwide relevance in providing service for capital equipment and maintenance projects for the paper industry.

That goal was realized, as the newly strengthened paper division was trusted as a partner in papermaking projects including fourdrinier, press, dryer, and finishing sections.

Carrying On the Legacy of LG Industries as Your Partner in Papermaking®

In recent years, R-V Industries has continually been trusted as a trusted supplier for the paper, nonwoven, and boxboard industries. R-V’s growth has coincided with the explosive growth of the boxboard industry in recent years. Pandemic-created demand for online shopping has caused explosive growth in packaging needs as parcel growth has tripled in the six years leading up to 2021. The online shift of shopping is expected to continue exponential growth. Industry estimates suggest the quantity of parcel’s shipped will double in the 5-year period between 2021 and 2026.

What does that mean for the future of papermaking? The continued growth of containerboard and other packaging grades points to the expansion of the industry. The recyclable nature of containerboard and boxboard packaging will be a key component in product packaging as the world continues it’s shift to environmentally conscience solutions.

For R-V, innovation and adaptation to serve the papermaking equipment needs of the containerboard, boxboard, and nonwoven industries has been a part of our history since the 2001 acquisition. Serving producers of these grades, alongside our historical excellence in serving the needs of specialty paper producers, will carry the legacy of LG into the future.