ASME Pressure Vessel Jacket Types

Across the chemical, oil, and gas processing industries, a variety of ASME Pressure Vessel Jacket Types provide unique benefits for specific processes. R-V provides three jacket types, which benefit the functionality of the vessel. These jackets include:

Conventional Vessel Jackets

Conventional Jackets are best used on small volume vessels (under 300 gallons) and high-pressure applications where internal pressure is double the jacket pressure. A conventional jacket is defined as an extra covering around all, or part, of a vessel. This jacket creates an inner and outer vessel wall, which provides greater insulation value with heat transfer being controlled using specified baffles.

asme jacketed pressure vessel

ASME Jacketed Pressure Vessel

Dimple Vessel Jackets

Dimple jackets allow for light-gauge metal construction that does not sacrifice strength and durability required to handle internal vessel pressure. As a result, the dimple jacket provides considerable cost savings over conventional, higher-gauge material options. This jacket style is approved by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors to 300 psi.

Half Pipe Coil Vessel Jackets

Half Pipe Coil Jackets provide optimal strength, rated to 750 psig (depending on material thickness), while utilizing light-gauge metal for fabrication that saves on material expenses. In addition, half pipe jackets are recommended for high temperature industrial processes and all liquid head transfer applications.


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