Food & Beverage

At R-V Industries, we have over four decades of experience in serving the unique needs of customers in the food and beverage processing industry. We bring the complete, full-service engineering and manufacturing capabilities needed to help our customers develop equipment and process solutions for the greatest efficiency, quality, and sanitation possible. Our team also stands out for our ability to design and fabricate all types of ASME vessels, and our surface finishing capabilities enable us to create some of the most sanitary, corrosion-resistant equipment available.

Food and Beverage Equipment

Food and Beverage Equipment
R-V Industries is capable of producing all kinds of equipment.

The R-V Industries team is proud to serve food and beverage customers with comprehensive engineering and fabrication capabilities. A few examples of the food and beverage processing equipment and systems we produce include:

  • ASME Pressure Cookers
  • Toasting Ovens
  • Drying and Coating Equipment
  • Processing and Storage Vessels
  • Belt Conveyors
  • Cryogenic and Specialized Equipment

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Food & Beverage Contact
Pete Koegel
Food & Beverage Manager
(610) 273-2457 Ext. 258

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