Pilot Cooker Project

One of R-V’s core services is custom manufacturing, allowing customers to lay out unique specifications and have R-V design and manufacture the solution. A nationwide food processing and production company utilized this service when requesting a pilot system to cook their product using a consistent process. The equipment needed to be portable and efficient.

While the details of this project are confidential, here are some highlights:

SolidWorks Design of the Cooker
  • R-V provided full design, shop fabrication, and FAT service.
  • The rotating vessel included mixing features while maintaining heat and pressure during the cooking cycle.
  • The entire vessel was monitored using a PLC control system which is able to track recipes, save information, and configure cooking parameters.
  • All components of the vessel were manufactured according to ASME Code standards, while meeting all of the customer’s design and sizing requirements.
  • R-V provided factory and on-site training for the end users.

R-V thrives on custom manufacturing and development opportunities which allow us to provide creative solutions for our customers’ needs. As an innovative company, we are constantly looking for ways to be more efficient and effective. We are happy to partner with our customers to help them accomplish these goals.

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