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Fabricator Magazine Recognition
R-V Industries Selected to Fab 40 List in Fabricator Magazine

As a preview to the June Issue, the Fabricator Magazine published a list of the Top 40 Fabricators in the United States. This list features the leading manufacturing companies in the country whose focus is contract and customer manufacturing using sheet and plate metal materials. The list, composed of primarily private companies, highlights the list … Continue reading R-V Industries Selected to Fab 40 List in Fabricator Magazine »

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

To continue to meet its corporate sustainability goals and reduce its carbon footprint, R-V Industries, Inc. announced today that they recently purchased 7,500,000 KWh of emission-free* electricity through Talen Energy’s Carbon-Zero 24/7 electricity product. The product will allow them to eliminate 5,304 metric tons of carbon, as they work toward meeting their sustainability goals.  In … Continue reading Reducing Our Carbon Footprint »

Chester County, Pennsylvania Company Expands

This purchase helps facilitate our growth plans and optimize efficiencies by consolidating locations,” said Kirk A. Putt, president and CEO of R-V.

OEM Manufacturing Benefiting from Automation

The advancements of robotics is changing how manufacturers approach projects. Research from OEM Magazine shows that OEM companies are benefiting as robotics manufacturing grows more advanced. One surprising benefit is the need for automation to fill skilled trade employment gaps. For now, robotic welding is supplementing low employment rates and completing highly repetitive welding tasks. … Continue reading OEM Manufacturing Benefiting from Automation »

pete robotic welder
Announcing the Promotion of Pete Koegel

Koegel will lead the Custom Fabrication division as the new Sales Manager. R-V Industries is pleased to announce the promotion of Pete Koegel to Market Sales Manager for its Custom Fabrication & Machining division. Pete’s background as welding engineer, combined with his passion to find innovative and cost-effective manufacturing solutions will be a valuable combination … Continue reading Announcing the Promotion of Pete Koegel »

Environmental Report

At R-V Industries, we believe in taking responsibility for our environmental impact, and are working to reduce the size of our footprint. We hope that our actions will make a difference in our local environment by reducing landfill growth. We started an initiative to educate the employees of our facilities on proper recyclable items and … Continue reading Environmental Report »

R-V Industries Receives the FMA Safety Award of Merit

R-V Industries, Inc. was recently chosen to receive a 2018 Safety Award of Merit from the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International (FMA). The FMA/CNA Annual Safety Awards are open to all FMA company members and recognize metal fabrication companies that adhere to excellence in safety. Sponsored by CNA, the endorsed business insurance carrier for FMA, … Continue reading R-V Industries Receives the FMA Safety Award of Merit »

Jacketed Vessel RFQ Builder

Interactive ASME and Non-ASME Vessel Proposal Tool   The R-V engineering and sales teams have created a more efficient way for our potential customers to quickly receive a proposal for their next vessel. This new tool is designed to submit the unique requirements needed for ASME and non-ASME jacketed vessels. All necessary information is collected … Continue reading Jacketed Vessel RFQ Builder »

custom vessel drawings
Guide to Getting a Custom Equipment Proposal

Guiding You Through The Process At R-V Industries, we strive to be your partner in the design and manufacturing stages of creating custom industrial process equipment. To help guide you through the initial Request for Proposal (RFP) process, we created this guide to make the process as straightforward and efficient as possible. 6 Important Steps … Continue reading Guide to Getting a Custom Equipment Proposal »

What’s So Cool About Manufacturing?

A Part of a Greater Effort to Shrink the Technical Skills Gap in Manufacturing Manufacturing is cool. At least that is what R-V Industries, Inc. and “Dream it. DO IT. PA” set out to prove to local teenagers while breaking some of the traditional negative stereotypes associates with this industry. R-V Industries, an industrial manufacturing … Continue reading What’s So Cool About Manufacturing? »

Investing In The Future With Welding Robotics

R-V Industries, Inc. is proud to announce its purchase of a dual-cell robotic welding system, expanding their cutting-edge welding technology. The welding robot adds to R-V’s automated machining and welding capacities and improves customer lead times and manufacturing quality. For projects with repetitive welds, the robotic welder will be programmed to specific customer requirements while … Continue reading Investing In The Future With Welding Robotics »

R-V Industries Acquires Genesis
R-V Industries Acquires Genesis Packaging Technologies

R-V Industries, Inc. (RVII) announced the purchase of Genesis Packaging Technologies, Exton, PA. Genesis Packaging Technologies is a worldwide leader in the science and technology of parenteral vial sealing and residual seal force testing. RVII will retain the Genesis employees and continue operations at its existing Exton, PA location as the “Genesis Packaging Technologies” division … Continue reading R-V Industries Acquires Genesis Packaging Technologies »

manufacturing in america
R-V Industries Pledges To Help Keep American Jobs

As a proud American manufacturing company, R-V Industries pledges to continue making our products exclusively in the United States, which we have done since our inception in 1974. We believe in supporting our economy and providing our customers with the best services and products custom manufactured at our plants in Pennsylvania. We will continue to compete … Continue reading R-V Industries Pledges To Help Keep American Jobs »

The Importance of Electropolishing

Protecting Your Food and Beverage Equipment and Industrial Process. Just imagine: it is scheduled maintenance time in an industrial food production facility. Maintenance and cleaning teams scramble into action, checking off the maintenance needs while cleaning the conveyors, drying equipment, processing vessels, tanks, and toasting ovens inside the facility. As the equipment is being cleaned, … Continue reading The Importance of Electropolishing »

The Importance of Avoiding Carbon and Stainless Cross Contamination

The structural integrity of raw steel material is vital to the industrial manufacturing industry. A common and serious problem in stainless steel manufacturing is contamination stemming from carbon steel manufacturing in the same area of a facility. In the manufacturing process, several different processes (including grinding and machining) generate carbon steel dust that can become … Continue reading The Importance of Avoiding Carbon and Stainless Cross Contamination »

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