A successful project relies on a strong customer partnership. Maintain close communication with regular status project status updates with a dedicated project manager. Based on project complexity, price, and man-hours to fabricate your project will be assigned a well-seasoned project manager. Projects will be broken down into stages.

This stage of the project begins with a project kickoff meeting. We bring together the team, stakeholders, and relevant other parties to define the project goals, schedule, and processes like how to communicate and the chain of communication.

The next stage is where your project is broken down into smaller chunks and estimating how long each will take. The output from this is your project plan, often reports and charts accompany this stage, representing the order of tasks and how they are interdependent. This is the roadmap for the project to reach its conclusion.

The execution is where the bulk of the work takes place following the plan. Along the way, your project will be monitored to make sure everything is on track in terms of budget, schedule, and quality performance. During this time we will be identifying and mitigating risks, dealing with potential problems, and incorporate any changes.

Project Closing
It is important to close down projects carefully to gain the most of what was achieved and to ensure that any lessons learned are passed along. This stage includes user acceptance and customer sign off. Any final paperwork, quality reports, and deliverables will be handed over at this stage.

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