Consultation and Systems Analysis

Beyond providing replacements and upgrades for OEM power station equipment, R-V Industries also delivers expert systems analysis, consulting, and a variety of energy-system conversions for many types of plants. We have decades of experience serving the power generation industry and helping customers maximize their efficiency by upgrading nozzles and windboxes, convert fuel types, and otherwise keep up with industry and regulatory trends. Our expertise has helped hundreds of power stations across the U.S. and worldwide increase the longevity of their equipment and realize meaningful returns on investment.

Fuel Conversions and Power Plant Efficiency Improvements
Specializing in Coal to Gas Conversions and Boiler Efficiency Upgrades

At R-V, our knowledge of power generation equipment enables us to assist customers with cutting-edge fuel-type conversions and custom-designed power system upgrades. Our power plant conversion and equipment upgrade capabilities include:

  • Coal to Biomass Conversion
  • Coal to Natural Gas Conversion
  • High-Sulfur Coal Firing Solutions
  • Windbox and Windbox Nozzle Tip Resizing
  • Damper Venturi Solutionsa

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Fuel Conversions and Power Plant Efficiency Improvements

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