Cross Contamination Prevention

R-V Industries has worked continuously to avoid cross contamination between ferrous and non-ferrous metals in our facilities.

What is Cross Contamination Between Metals?

Cross contamination is when carbon steel becomes ingrained in other material, causing rusting and leading to costly repairs or replacements. R-V Industries works in multiple industries for which cross contamination can cost our customers time and money from necessary equipment replacements. To aid our customers and to meet our own demand for quality, R-V built a non-ferrous only facility in 2009. Now, about ten years later, R-V is so confident in our avoidance of cross contamination that we offer 15-year warranties on most of our steam sterilizers (autoclaves).

Prevent Cross Contamination

We recognize that a carbon free facility is only one step in cross contamination prevention. To maintain our standard of metal purity, our manufacturing team continues to take preventative measures against cross contamination, such as fork protection on fork lifts and plastic wrapping roll surfaces when rolling stainless steel plate.

R-V Industries continues to be known for our quality and high standards of customer service. Our sterilizer warranty options proves our commitment to cross contamination avoidance and our confidence that we succeed in preventing cross contamination from occurring. Read below for a summary of the steps we take to prevent cross contamination and contact us for more information on how we ensure quality.

Best Practices for Preventing Cross Contamination:

  • Mark carbon and stainless consumables to avoid using them on different metals
  • Cover carbon table tops with stainless steel skins
  • Use fork protection on fork lifts
  • Plastic wrap roll surfaces when rolling stainless steel plates
  • No grinding or welding carbon in stainless steel only facility

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