Layout Technician

Plant: Morgantown, PA

Shift: Day Shift

General Job Description

Layout Technicians layout plates, heads, and other parts to be fit and welded or assembled. They plan and develop layouts from blueprints and build templates, applying knowledge of trigonometry, design, effects of heat, and properties of metals.


  • Lay out and fabricate metal structural parts such as plates, bulkheads, and frames.
  • Mark curves, lines, holes, dimensions, and welding symbols onto workpieces, using scribes, soapstone’s, punches, and hand drills.
  • Compute layout dimensions and determine and mark reference points on metal stock or workpieces for further processing, such as welding and assembly.
  • Locate center lines and verify template positions, using measuring instruments such as gauge blocks, height gauges, and dial indicators.


  • Self-starter with above average skills in blue print reading and interpretation.
  • Good math skills, specifically circumferential based. knowledge of how to use a standard calculator.
  • Good skills with layout tools: tape measure (to a 1/64th ), micrometer, caliper, centering heads and protractors.
  • Needs to know diameters, circumferences and mean diameters to layout shell lengths to match up with head circumferences.

Educational/Physical Requirements

  • Layout experience acquired from training in area vocational technical centers, trade schools, or while employed at an industrial facility is preferred.
  • Everyday repetitive wrist, hand or finger movement, involving gripping and wrist torquing.
  • Everyday stair climbing, bending, crouching, stooping, standing, walking, and occasional reaching overhead. Everyday lifting 25 to 50 lbs.
  • Everyday forklift and bridge crane operation and accurate depth perception.
  • Everyday exposure to moving machinery, dust, dirt, grease or other disagreeable elements.
  • Must have ability to hear emergency communications and alarms.

R-V Industries, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.