Genesis Packaging Technologies: Playing a Part in Vaccine Development

Genesis Packaging Technologies, a division of R-V Industries, was recently featured in an article outlining their efforts in the fight to package and distribute a COVID-19 vaccine to the world. Read the entire below.

While vaccine development for the novel COVID-19 (coronavirus) is new, their place in the packaging of vaccines using parenteral packaging is not new. Since 1946, Genesis has produced serum vial sealing equipment that is used by the leading pharmaceutical companies around the world. Their installation history includes over 1,500 machines in biotech, pharmaceutical, and veterinary facilities.

In addition to producing equipment that seals the vials, their consulting and technical service, not limited to Genesis’ equipment, is renowned in the pharmaceutical industry. Through compression analysis tests on stopper vial seals that are highly specific to the needs of each pharmaceutical company, Genesis technicians help ensure the optimal minimization of the leak rate. This helps protect the longevity of vaccines, which has become a key factor in the development and ongoing distribution of the vaccines to protect against COVID-19 infection.

RW Westcapper®, the fastest parenteral machine in the marketplace, seals up to 750 vials per minute.

A Look at Genesis’ Westcapper Line

Take an up-close look from the in-house assembly and testing process of a Genesis parenteral packaging machine with advanced vision systems.

Genesis' parenteral packaging (vial) sealing equipment