Improve Mill Performance with Paper Mill Consultants

How many of you know, or maybe worked alongside, Michael?

Michael had been working at a mill for nearly 30 years. Michael had decades of experience, gleaned from helping the mill grow and adapt to industry changes. Serving in maintenance, engineering, and operations departments, Michael’s knowledge of mill operations was unmatched. He had a natural talent for recognizing inefficiencies and taking the right actions to make improvements, while graciously helping and teaching those around him. But then, Michael retired, leaving a gaping hole in the operational knowledge of the mill staff.

This story is all too familiar. Existing and new staff, without the deep knowledge gained only through experience, are stuck. Performance metrics are not changing. Economic struggles continue to force personnel to reduce maintenance and utility consumption costs while making the right investments in mill efficiency via maintenance, equipment upgrades, and capital equipment.

If these problems sound like the problems you’re having… read on.

Mill Pain Points Paper Mill Consultants Address

At R-V Industries, we’ve been manufacturing equipment, servicing equipment, and providing consulting solutions for decades. This experience grew through the acquisition of LG Industries in 2001. By blending the expertise of both companies and creating a growing network of industry experts serving mills in the mid-Atlantic region, we’re ready to address in-mill experience gaps with creative solutions:

Mill Maintenance Best Practices

We’ll collaborate to understand your mill’s key performance indicators (KPIs) to guide, while educating, your in-house staff to improve the metrics that matter to your mill. Common KPIs we’ve addressed include minimizing downtime, eliminating breaks, raw material utilization, and usable product output.

Capital Equipment Engineering and Project Support

Our team has designed equipment for mills across the United States, including section replacements, integrations, and full-machine design. With engineering and manufacturing under one roof, we pass our manufacturability experience and guidance on to you during this critical stage of the mill upgrade or expansion process.

Project-Based Engineering Support

If engineering staffing is an issue, or additional expertise is needed for a specific project, our team augments your existing staff to keep project deadlines.

Safety Analyses

The R-V engineering team is capable of quickly spotting dangerous environmental conditions, such as mechanical hazards (pinch points), fall hazards, and electrical hazards while recommending design or equipment abatements.

Operational Efficiency

With process improvements or equipment upgrades, machine and mill efficiency can be realized through water removal and paper formation in the paper production process. This analysis incorporates our ability to reduce utility consumption.

Spare Parts Recommendations

Help reduce downtime with an optimal inventory of high-wear parts to reduce the risk exposure to supply chain-related disruptions. Customized spare part packages can be created for your mill.

Reach Out

If experience and skill gaps are hurting your mill, reach out to the R-V Industries team to share your specific problems. We’ll create consultation options based on your mill’s priorities and KPIs.

Contact our team to share the problem your mill is experiencing.

new press section integration into an existing machine
New Press Section Integration
installation support for components and machinery
Installation support
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Guidance to achieve what matters most; efficient mill performance.