Divisions of R-V Industries

Since our beginning in 1974 as a custom fabrication shop, R-V has developed into a multi-faceted company by offering a variety of skills to customers in many different industries. To further provide optimal service to our clients, R-V expanded to acquire Beta Star Life Science Equipment in 2006 and Genesis Packaging Technologies in 2017.

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Quality, Performance, and Serviceability

Beta Star was founded in 1982 in Telford, Pennsylvania as a steam sterilizer service company. Over the years, Beta Star gained experience with autoclave equipment and we began to create a manufactured solution to issues we were finding in the field. Today we are a premier, full-service autoclave engineering, manufacturing, shipping, and maintenance company. We serve three industries, biomedical/pharmaceutical, laboratories, and vivarium (bulk). Additionally, we act as a single-source supplier to maintain efficiency and control costs for our customers.

Beta Star’s commitment to serviceability has led to long term reliability and to innovative data management technology, like Beta Connect. Our turnkey services provide ease of mind to customers and unites the overall quality of our projects.

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The Leader in Seal Integrity

Genesis is a leader in the science and technology of pharmaceutical vial packaging, processing, and handling. We succeeded The West Company Machinery Systems Division and, between The West Company and Genesis, we have manufactured serum vial capping equipment since 1946. To ensure every aspect of the sealing process results in quality sealing, we provide a range of education and analytical tools to our customers.

Genesis’s long-standing relationships with parental package component manufacturers and our affiliations with pharmaceutical services companies highlights our dedication to staying on the front line of our industry. We are committed to offering our customers the tools and knowledge to consistently achieve container closure integrity.

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