Investing In The Future With Welding Robotics

R-V Industries, Inc. is proud to announce its purchase of a dual-cell robotic welding system, expanding their cutting-edge welding technology. The welding robot adds to R-V’s automated machining and welding capacities and improves customer lead times and manufacturing quality. For projects with repetitive welds, the robotic welder will be programmed to specific customer requirements while enhancing the speed of existing welding capabilities with efficient, high quality, and repeatable welds.

The dual headstock system accommodates a wide variety of modular tool lengths for different product and manufacturing applications. Offline programming and three-dimensional simulations also help maximize production uptime.

The system supports R-V’s team of world-class fitters and welders to bring new fabrication capabilities to its customers. This will also provide existing welding associates growth opportunities to participate in more complex custom welding projects that are not easy to automate. New positions were created and training provided to fill roles of Programmers, Operators, and Robot Maintenance.

“The investment into the robotic welding cell further proves to our customers that we invest in the safety of our employees, the quality of our products, and the productivity of our processes and technology that allows our customers to grow and become more successful,” said Pete Koegel, Weld Engineer at R-V Industries. The robotic welding system boasts a variety of featured benefits including:

  • Fully integrated safety rated devices (compliant with ANSI and RIA standards).
  • Latest in robotic welding software including: Coordinated motion, touch sensing, through-the-arc seam tracking, and live data cloud-based data monitoring.
  • Positioning capacity of 2,500 lbs per side.
  • Fume extraction system keeps operator and surrounding craftsmen safe.

The robotic welding system was installed in early February and production operations will begin on February 13th. Use your favorite social media network to view the video!

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Ok… for all the non-social media folks out there… here’s the video.


Investing In The Future With Robotic Welding from R-V Industries on Vimeo.