R-V Industries has a long history of serving customers in the chemical processing industry, acting as a trusted jacketed vessel manufacturer and delivering the highest-quality results available. We are capable of producing the complete range of ASME pressurized and unpressurized vessels as well as columns, spool pieces, structural systems, and much more. With the personalized customer service of a smaller company and the comprehensive capabilities and technology of a large company, R-V is uniquely balanced to meet the needs of the chemical industry while delivering unrivaled customer satisfaction.

Certified for Excellence

Certified for Excellence
R-V Industries is qualified to be the chemical industry’s partner.

At R-V, we have the in-house engineering capabilities, technical expertise, and quality craftsmanship needed to be a preferred partner of the chemical industry. We also boast the following certifications and qualifications:

  • Certified ASME, Section VIII: U and S Stamps
  • National Board R Stamp for Vessel Repair
  • NQA-1 Qualification
  • API 650 and API 720
  • Certified for over 250 Qualified Welding Procedures

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Chemical Contact
Chris Wuertz
Chemical Sales Manager
(610) 273-2457 Ext. 206

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