Jacketed Vessel RFQ Builder

Interactive ASME and Non-ASME Vessel Proposal Tool


The R-V engineering and sales teams have created a more efficient way for our potential customers to quickly receive a proposal for their next vessel. This new tool is designed to submit the unique requirements needed for ASME and non-ASME jacketed vessels. All necessary information is collected by guiding the user through an easy data collection process.

This tool ensures that all information required to build a quote is shared between our customer and our estimating team, which helps us quickly deliver a proposal. Multiple, lengthy phone conversations will no longer be needed to pass on information. Instead, users now have 24/7 access to detailed vessel RFQ submissions. In addition, the Vessel Proposal tool features an interactive vessel builder which provides visual feedback to selections including vessel orientation, jacket, and support type.

To try it out, visit the Vessel Proposal Tool page!

Need help selecting a jacket type? Visit our post detailing the various ASME Jacket Types we provide.