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At R-V Industries, we have a storied history that started as two guys, Ron and Victor, trying to build their custom job shop into a company. Little did they know, way back in 1974, that R-V Industries would become a 260-employee, $50 million dollar a year company with multiple facilities totaling 180,000 square feet. Today, R-V proudly serves industrial processing companies with U.S. engineering and manufacturing support for a variety of different industries. 

But, trusting R-V Industries as a manufacturing partner comes with additional benefits that surpass the simple delivery of one-off equipment projects. Through growth, we have been able to bring value-add services for our customers benefit, each supported by their own department. These value added benefits include: 

In-House Transportation and Logistics

R-V provides a single-focus logistics team that is our customer’s main resource and point of contact for all questions related to the scheduling and delivery of products. The logistics team is supported by an in-house driving team and fleet of flat bed and box trucks, giving R-V Industries a level of delivery flexibility unmatched by many of our competitors.

The first picture below showcases our ability to bring unique solutions to clients with extraordinary needs. To load and deliver a 50-ton steam dryer weldment, we created a custom rigging frame and utilized a crane team to safely load our work for customer delivery. The 20′ wide weldment was delivered to a local customer on back roads, which required us to work with Pennsylvania State Police to coordinate road detours to deliver the product.


Blanket Order Management

For steady product needs, R-V Industries’ blanket order program helps our customers cut down on unnecessary administrative work, establishing a pricing structure, delivery needs, and performance options over several months for your needs.

For custom equipment manufacturing, manufacturer experience enhances product quality. R-V’s average employee retention is over 10 years, driving our commitment to superior products and services.


Extended Storage and As-Need Delivery

R-V maintains over 180,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space at four facilities in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Our facilities include a stainless and alloy-only facility, a pharmaceutical equipment manufacturing division, and a large warehouse space for months long extended storage needs.

The benefit to an extended storage program is two fold: to keep our customers facilities lean and to benefit of the cost and quality efficiencies of large quantity manufacturing processes.

Manufacturing space is an important asset for many of our customers who value lean manufacturing processes to keep their in-house workflows effective. Our customers frequently experience overfilled shop floors, which leads to logistical headaches and potential workplace hazards. Get in touch with us to leverage our available storage space for your benefit.

Tapping into the benefits of large quantity manufacturing passes increased quality and time savings, realized through repetition, to our customers. The complexities of custom manufacturing require a high level of manufacturing skill, which R-V demonstrates with our 10-year average employee work history. However, our manufacturing experience, honed since our inception in 1974, has consistently shown that repeated manufacturing work, in a short period of time, improves quality and lead time for our customers.


Quality Control Team

Our company mission is a challenging and straightforward mantra: to provide superior products and services at a competitive price with integrity. To supply superior products and services, our quality control team is heavily integrated throughout our manufacturing process. For unique quality requirements, our team has a network of partnerships that provide testing and certifications as needed by our customers.

The team works to maintain several manufacturing certifications, including ASME Section VIII for pressure vessel fabrication (U and S Stamps), National Board R Stamp for Vessel Repair, NQA-1 qualification for nuclear manufacturing, API 650, API 720, and over 400 qualified welding procedures.

Through attention to detail and quality, R-V has been able to achieve and retain our recognition through OSHA’s Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (S.H.A.R.P.) since 2007. The program requires a continuous review of our safety and health records to maintain recognition in the program. We’re proud to be a part of this prestigious program, as one of only fifty companies in the state of Pennsylvania who currently hold this recognition.


Innovative Robotic Welding

Our commitment to continuous improvement is demonstrated by our investment in the future through robotic welding additions. While robotic welding cannot replace the unique requirements of certain projects, a diversified manufacturing approach allows R-V to provide a variety of cost-effective solutions with competitive lead times facilitated by the automation of highly repetitive welding processes.

Our dual-cell robotic welding system boasts consistent quality with high quality and repeatable welds. The dual headstock system accommodates a wide variety of modular tool lengths for different product and manufacturing applications.

In addition to our robotic weld cell, we invested in an advanced automated welding system to improve customer lead time on tank and ASME Vessel products. The system provides one pass, x-ray quality welds for integration into our existing production process for cylindrical components.


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