More than 92% of total waste output is recycled.

“Environmental responsibility has become a core value at R-V Industries, and we’re incredibly proud to see the commitment that our employees have to recycling our waste output and helping our local community,” says Robert Miller, ESH Manager. “It’s truly up to every one of our team members to ensure that any waste that can be recycled is recycled. All 260-plus team members have completely bought into this initiative, and the amount of waste that we recycle really speaks for itself.”

The several hundred tons of waste that R-V Industries recycles each year consists of wood pallets, cardboard boxes, metals, oil, batteries, used industrial X-ray film, and more. There’s one employee tasked with identifying the waste stream, and it’s up to all 265 R-V employees to ensure waste is being handled properly and processed through the respective waste channels for recycling.

R-V Industries’ recycling program continues to grow over the years. In 2018, about 700 tons of waste was recycled. In 2019, 89 percent of the total waste output was recycled. In 2020, about 90 percent. The year 2021 marked a new recycling best for R-V, with 92 percent of the waste output recycled.

“Our facility is surrounded by farmland, which is obviously very important for the community and local economy,” Robert continues. “We’ve really made a conscious effort over these last several years to do the responsible thing for our local community. We’re excited to build off our recycling efforts and hope to recycle even more of our waste output in 2022.”

In addition to R-V’s impressive recycling record, it has also taken steps to reduce its carbon footprint following a recent purchase of 7.5 million KWh of emission-free electricity through Talen Energy’s Carbon-Zero 24/7 program. This helped R-V eliminate more than 5,300 metric tons of carbon. A focus on electric conservation has helped R-V reduce its carbon footprint by an additional 100 tons.