Onsite and Reverse Engineering Services


The R-V Industries Engineering Services division exists to create solutions for engineering gaps in industrial companies. Our focus on customer needs has driven us to create our On-Site Engineering service offer to our customers because it allows our customer to no longer

  • Suffer through project delays when in-house staff is overextended due to seasonal or business growth needs
  • Take on extended staffing costs and layoff risks to meet unexpected project needs associated with business development


With a staff of 20 designing and engineering professionals, R-V is capable of providing onsite staffing to fill engineering stopgaps and project delays at a shorter time frame than hiring in-house staff with the daily or weekly dependability of onsite visibility.

The R-V solution also provides year after year consistency, as our company has been operating since 1974 with an average employee lifespan greater than 10 years. When compared to temp agencies, which have high rates of staffing turnover, working with R-V reduces start up and training time frequently seen with temp agency hires.


Our team would be happy to schedule a free consultation or site visit to discuss the specifics of your next factory improvement need.

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  • Plant layout
  • Machine and equipment design
  • Design upgrades
  • Machine safeguarding
  • Process design and automation


  • Add and reduce resources quickly, without layoffs, as the workload demands
  • Eliminate the need to allocate for office space with our long-term professional engineering help that is onsite as frequently or infrequently as needed (options include: daily, weekly, as needed)
  • Receive engineering and design assistance from an experts in industrial and manufacturing facilities
    • Drafting support
    • Design support
    • Engineering support


The need for reverse engineering comes from a variety of different industrial pain points. Protecting capital machinery and process line investments is an important aspect of maintaining an economically efficient industrial facility. Pain points solved by our reverse engineering capabilities include?

  • Reduce long lead times and shipping issues associated with propriety parts from international suppliers
  • Machine improvements, added over time, without drawings complicate equipment maintenance
    • Deliverables include detailed and assembly drawings
  • Build drawings for discontinued parts to seek replacement part manufacturers
  • Solve measurement system conversion issues associated with machine improvement over time
  • Convert old drawings to the latest versions of SolidWorks and AutoCAD
Filling and Agitation Machine: An R-V Project

Filling and Agitation Machine: An R-V Project

An international drug development company, located in Pennsylvania, came to R-V for the turnkey design and manufacture of an agitation machine to streamline their manufacturing process. The product mixture needs to be loaded and agitated as part of the production process, and the engineering services team created a new machine to blend loading and agitation steps into one machine.

This turnkey project was Factory Acceptance Tested in our shop to ensure the machine’s success. In addition, the machine exceed customer performance expectations while coming in under budget with on-time delivery.

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