We have the capabilities to custom design fourdrinier equipment, including the engineering and analysis of the rolls and structural supports. By identifying issues in your formation and drainage process, we can help you achieve increased and efficient production. This can be realized through analysis of equipment, material grade, process flow, and process environment.

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Growth and Efficiency

Across the nation, our fourdrinier machines have been applied to various types of paper grades including toweling, fine, and specialty grades. With each customer’s unique application we are able to adopt versatile designs to meet their needs while maintaining cost-efficiency. Read more about our experience designing and manufacturing fourdriniers here.

Fourdrinier Options

Fourdrinier Options

R-V has manufactured paper equipment since the 1980s and, aided by the acquisition of LG Industries, we have only grown in knowledge and experience. Today, we produce a variety of fourdrinier equipment, such as the styles below. Let us know how our in-house engineering team to can work with you to customize your fourdrinier machine. 

  • Front Lift
  • C-Frame
  • Telescoping Beam
  • Fourdrinier Retrofit

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