Dryer Sections

We offer our clients the benefit of having both engineering and manufacturing teams under one roof to optimize their project’s results. Clients can modernize their paper mill using our proprietary designs created by our engineering team.

Our manufacturing team, an ASME Code Pressure Vessel certified Shop, can provide service and certification to dryer cylinders for one stop shopping or engineering and certification. They also offer felting equipment and silent drive systems for your dryer process as well as assistance with dryer operations:

  • Machine evaluations
  • Open and closed framing
  • Dryer cylinders
  • Complete dryer section designs

Benefit From R-V’s Dryer Section Experience

R-V’s paper mill dryer sections optimize your maintenance efficiency and sheet moisture profile. Our dryers are set apart from the competition by our ability to integrate different cylinder configurations and roll quantities to increase machine and maintenance efficiency. To produce a complete drying system, we incorporate:

  • Roll Handling: R-V offers transportation and storage as part of our full-scale service.
  • Drive Systems: Designed to provide continuous power
  • Doctoring: Maintain dryer optimization with our doctoring equipment
  • Steam Syphons: Optimize efficiency in airflow with our steam siphon
  • Felting and Threading Components: Increase heat transfer with our
  • R-V’s patented TL™ Rolls: Engineered for ease of maintenance and spare storage. Able to convert to a drive roll.
Dryer Section Options

Dryer Section Options

Paper Mill Dryer Sections

  • Open Frame Design
  • Closed Frame Design
  • Dryer Cylinders
  • Double-Tier Dryer
  • Single-Tier Dryer
  • Yankee Dryer

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