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R-V Industries is one of the leading power generation equipment manufacturers serving customers throughout our region and nationwide. We rely on over four decades of experience as an engineering and steel fabrication company, and our power generation equipment has been installed in hundreds of power plants across the United States. R-V has also performed over 100 low NOx burner retrofits, oil-fired upgrades, gas conversions, and other similar projects. Our capabilities include a full range of power generation products as well as expert power plant consultation and systems analysis services.

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Adjustable Air, Gas, Coal, and Oil Nozzle Tips

R-V Industries offers air, gas, coal and oil nozzle tips in all grades of materials. Designs include one-piece, two-piece, fixed offset air, adjustable offset air and overfire air, including the replacement of low NOx nozzle tips.

Adjustable Nozzle Tips (PDF)

Thermal Guard™ Nozzle Literature (PDF)

Bowl Mill Equipment

R-V Industries offers many replacement parts for the bowl mill design, exhauster, and fuel delivery system. In addition, we offer new and rebuilt mill bodies for many bowl mill sizes.

Bowl Mill Equipment (PDF)

Mill Body Rebuild Literature (PDF)

Chromium Carbide Stationary Nozzles

Stationary coal nozzles, lined with chromium carbide, are revolutionizing the power generation industry by significantly increasing the lifespan when compared to cast nozzles. In addition, repairing the chromium carbide nozzles with weld overlay allows for on-site spot repair, when ceramic lined stationary nozzles require complete re-lining if one ceramic block fails.

Chromium Carbide Lined Equipment (PDF) 

Furnace Observation and Access Doors

R-V has a full line of furnace doors, including direct replacements for the 4″ x 10″ observation door and the 15″ x 21″ elliptical door. Standard and custom sizes can be insulated with mineral wool or refractory or they can be cooled with water to meet your specific temperature requirement. All doors are available with seal boxes and tube panels as an option.

For a full list of sizes, download the PDF.

Furnace Observation and Access Doors (PDF)

Gas Firing Equipment and Conversions

Natural gas firing conversions are a great way to lower operating costs as a glut of affordable gas has become available in the US. We provide gas spud assemblies and compartment arrangements for fuel conversions.

Gas Firing Equipment and Conversions (PDF)

Hopper Seals and Screens

Flexible drip screens are available in several grades of material. Options include single and double weave, single and double layer, and open or closed bottom.

Original equipment woven-wire drip shields can be made to nearly any size, and they commonly use 430 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel. Expansion type seal plates are available in grades such as 316L stainless steel, Inconel 600, Inconel 601, Inconel 625, AL6XN, and Carpenter 20. Choose from three standard pitch designs or request a custom design.

Drip Screens and Seal Plates Literature (PDF)

Journal Rebuilds

R-V Industries has provided high-quality service and repairs to our customers for nearly 30 years. Our facilities feature over 160,000 square feet of manufacturing space, and our turnkey services include engineering, machining, fabrication, assembly, finishing, testing, and inspection services. We will work with your organization to develop a customized program to service your specific journal rebuild requirements. Turnkey journal rebuilds, including grinding roll weld overlay, are available.

Journal Rebuild Literature (PDF)

Mill Fire Detection System

The Mill Fire Detection System (MFDS) is an early-warning system based on the sensing of visible or infrared light inside the mill enclosure. Unlike CO monitoring, the MFDS provides instantaneous response and continuous monitoring of all mills simultaneously.

Mill Fire Detection System Literature (PDF)

Oil Firing Equipment

R-V’s oil firing equipment is available for both corner and wall-fired burner design.

  • Double barrel and concentric oil guns
  • Retraction mechanisms
  • Retractable igniter systems
  • Gun tips, cap nuts, unions, yokes, and nozzle bodies
  • 3-way oil/air/scavenging valve system

Oil Firing Equipment Literature (PDF)

Overfire Air Windbox Assemblies

R-V Industries designs and manufactures complete windbox assemblies for corner-fired furnaces, in addition to providing a complete line of corner-fired windbox equipment. Our experience includes replacement of existing windboxes, windboxes for new installations, and overfire-air windbox assemblies for reducing NOx emissions.

Overfire Air Windboxes (PDF)

Riffle Elements and Distributors

With three design choices, R-V Industries’s riffle elements and adjustable riffle assemblies provide the custom quality you’ve come to rely on. R-V’s riffle elements are engineered to fit all existing primary, secondary, and tertiary housing sizes. Choose from the original equipment, coarse cut, or R-V’s mid-cut model to best suit your boiler’s needs.

R-V’s adjustable riffle assembly design was tested by EPRI and proven to redistribute coal flow from an 80% – 20% imbalance to a 50% – 50% balance without increasing pressure loss.

Adjustable Riffle Assembly (PDF)

Riffle Elements Literature (PDF)

Stationary Coal Nozzles

R-V Industries designs cast and ceramic-lined stationary coal nozzles with a variety of weld overlay protection options for increased equipment longevity.

Download our literature to view our various protection options.

Whizzer Wheel Assemblies

R-V has manufactured fan spiders, whizzer discs, fan blades, and complete whizzer wheel assemblies since 1981. Our ceramic whizzer wheel assembly uses an aggressive ceramic design with vacuum-bonded blades furnished in ceramic or combined with tungsten carbide tips. Our fan spider has a unique one-piece ceramic-lined replaceable liner which is made complete with ceramic whizzer blades and a ceramic whizzer disc. Your individual design preferences may be incorporated into any of R-V’s whizzer wheel assemblies. We offer individual ceramic-lined components or complete whizzer wheel assemblies that are static balanced and ready for installation. We also offer a rebuild service for your high-efficiency fan wheels.

Whizzer Wheel Literature (PDF)

Windboxes and Upgrades

In addition to complete new windbox assemblies, R-V offers a full complement of damper and tilt mechanism components. Our self-aligning graphite damper bearing upgrade will enhance air regulation, resulting in improved efficiency and effective NOx control. Our modular tilt mechanism replacement provides a cost-effective installation approach to upgrading your original tilt system hardware. We also offer an opposed-damper blade design to improve your airflow distribution and control.

Windbox Equipment Upgrades (PDF)

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