Riffle Elements

R-V Provides Options

Since our company’s inception in 1974, R-V’s design and manufacturing capabilities allow us to offer custom products without losing the quality our clients require. We do this by offering our clients options. Whether that means utilizing one of the 400 weld procedures in which we’re certified or working with a specialized material, we embrace the opportunity to offer riffle element options for maximizing firing system optimization.

We offer three standard riffle element design options:

Original Equipment

  • Made to original equipment specifications
  • Smallest openings of the three designs

R-V’s Mid-Cut

  • Assembled design with mid-sized openings
  • Thicker material but lightest overall weight
  • Lowest cost design
  • Reduced pressure loss
  • Material options include carbon steel, AR400 and AR500

Course Cut

  • Sectional design provides easier handling and allows for replacement of worn sections
  • Widest opening size of the three designs
  • Material options include carbon steel, AR400, and AR500

The mid and coarse cut designs are used to minimize system pressure drop and maximize primary air flow. Cast, fabricated and ceramic lined distributor housings are also available. All riffle elements are made to fit existing primary, secondary, and tertiary housing sizes.

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