Safety & Accreditations

At R-V Industries, all members of our staff share a unique commitment to safety at every level of our operations. We recognize that the strongest safety programs require a team effort, so everyone here is proud to take personal responsibility for safety at every stage of designing, fabricating, assembling, and delivering industrial process equipment. Through ongoing training, regular safety toolbox meetings, and safe work practices, we have been able to minimize our incident rate without sacrificing quality, cost control, and timely deliveries.

A SHARP Company

The Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP), administered by OSHA, recognizes all employers who operate an exemplary safety and health management system. At R-V Industries, we consider our company’s acceptance into SHARP a crowning achievement that sets us apart as a proven leader in worksite safety and health. Armed with our SHARP accreditation, we will endeavor to build on our success in safety and stay at the forefront of safety in industrial manufacturing for years and decades to come.R-V-SHARP-Logo

Our Proven Approach to Safety

As 1 of only 47 companies in Pennsylvania with SHARP Recognition, R-V’s focus on safety and health permeates our entire operation, from our welders and steel fabricators all the way up to senior management. Our safety program emphasizes hazard recognition and avoidance through rigorous safety training and our Toolbox Meeting Program. Toolbox meetings consist of 15-minute safety discussions held every other Tuesday, creating a dialog for our team members and heightening everyone’s awareness of safety hazards and inefficiencies. Find out more about our safety program by reading our SHARP success story on OSHA’s website.

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