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Former Alstom Regional Director joins R-V Industries’s Power Team.

R-V Industries is pleased to announce that Ken Barna, former regional director at Alstom CE, has joined the Power Generation Team at R-V as an area sales manager. Ken brings 27 years of experience in the power generation industry, where he specialized in boiler inspections, training, and solving combustion system and steam flow issues.

Ken joins an established industry-leading company with 35 years of experience in the power generation industry. The team, highlighted by John Grusha (Director of Combustion Systems), Dave Underwood (Power Market Manager), Don Rutherford (Senior Designer), and Jake Hultberg (Power Engineering Team Leader) has worked on hundreds of low NOx and equipment upgrades for utilities, generating tens of thousands of megawatts around the world. With the addition of Ken, the 5-member R-V leadership team has over 130 years of combined experience in the power generation industry.

To serve our customers in the Southcentral and Southeast regions of the U.S. more effectively, Ken will operate out of an office in North Carolina. In addition to sales, Ken’s technical expertise will expand our consulting capability through installation supervision and post-installation equipment tuning.

Ken has been in the power industry for 27 years: 24 years with CE/ABB/Alstom and 3 years with Duke Energy. Throughout his career, Ken has managed and conducted boiler inspections, instructed boiler and tube failure training sessions, and managed a network of service managers in the Southeastern US. At Duke, he served as the boiler engineer at Plant Allen while also reviewing boiler upgrades and making recommendations to resolve operational deficiencies at plants within the Duke fleet. In addition, Ken was the lead engineer on low-NOx retrofits for 11 units at Mt. Storm, Morgantown, Allen (Duke), and Possum Point stations.

Beta Connect System from Beta Star revolutionizes sterilization management.

Mobile technology and instant connectivity have merged with sterilization management to revolutionize the way vivariums and research laboratories are managed and serviced.

Honey Brook, PA – Smart devices have changed the time frame in which consumers demand information. Steam sterilizers, also known as autoclaves, have fallen behind the trend of real-time data management. To rectify this issue, Beta Star is proud to announce the Beta Connect System to bring sterilization management to a new level of real-time control and data logging.

“The Beta Connect System is an innovative step forward in bringing digital technology to the world of sterilization management,” Beta Star Sales Manager Lynn Johnson stated. It’s most significant contribution to improving sterilization management is allowing remote support from our certified technicians.”

The ability to get on-line with the sterilizer allows technicians to diagnose the issue before arrival, ensuring that the right equipment and replacement parts are brought. This significantly reduces downtime caused by multiple service trips for diagnostics and part replacements.

A direct connection from the Beta Star technicians to the sterilizer is done through a 256-bit encryption connection. Service, troubleshooting and control updates are immediately initiated through this secure connection which is separated from the rest of the internal network. For added security, the connection is controlled by a manual on/off switch on the sterilizer.

In addition to remote support, this system brings the sterilizer Human-Machine Interface (HMI) to any smart device with real-time HMI viewing, sterilization cycle alerts and completion updates. Additional software gives lab and facility managers the ability to view 4 HMIs at one time on a standard laptop or desktop computer. Cycle completion alerts and alarms automatically and instantly fed to the managers as an RSS feed.

The system also opens up sterilization management to significant improvements through data analysis. With detailed usage information on every individual sterilizer, preventative maintenance and cost predictions become more reliable than ever before.

Cycle data is useful for cost-usage allocation by department and user, alarm diagnostics and cost-of-ownership budgeting.

The Beta Connect System features are completely customizable for customer needs. In addition, the system can be installed on existing Beta Star machines as a control system upgrade.

“We are very excited to announce that all future Beta Star sterilizers will have the Beta Connect System capabilities,” stated Beta Star Sales Manager Bill Purvis. “System functionality can be added at any time, including after installation. This gives our customers the option to add features, such as live technical support or HMI observation, at any time.”

Beta Star Life Science Equipment is a market area of R-V Industries, Inc. With headquarters in Honey Brook, PA, Beta Star has been servicing and manufacturing sterilization equipment for over 25 years. Beta Star sterilizers are used in biomedical, pharmaceutical development and vivarium laboratories with cGMP and BSL3 level documentation and quality assurance programs available as required.

R-V Industries, Inc. is an industrial engineering and manufacturing company that operates in the life science, chemical, food & beverage, power generation, nuclear, oil & gas and paper mill industries. With over 270 employees and $50 million in annual revenue, R-V Industries gives Beta Star large company support with small company flexibility and attention to detail.